Fresh Start! New Me? Nope. Just on 2 Plan Dee!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my brand new blog!  For those of you that have followed me on Plan B, thank you for making this move with me to On2PlanDee!  Nothing goes quite how we expected it will, does it?  ,,,and yet we are consistently surprised!  Human Nature I guess.  Bless it.  For those of you that are just clicking in, you can review Plan B and my previous posts by clicking on the ‘Plan B’ tab on the menu bar above or the link I have provided here:

So many things have changed for me in such a short amount of time I frankly have not surfaced yet.  Life as I know it has been turned up side down and side ways and the ride is not over yet!  So time to just turn the page and start ‘anew’ if you will.

I hope to become a much more active blogger!  But I will need your help!  I need you to follow and participate!  Make some comments…and please share, share, share!  The more the merrier right!

So here it is.  Why I write, besides the high levels of anxiety I feel if I don’t and my wish to limit the time I spend in the “prozac nation’, so to speak.  I think that too many people worry about too many things, especially what others might think of them if they knew about those things, that really aren’t that serious.

Life is full of things that happen to all of us.  Some are really good things and some are very tragic things and hopefully those tragic things are very few and far between. But most things that happen are somewhere in between.  See I don’t think anyone should feel too mad, sad, bad, frustrated, embarrassed, ashamed or most especially alone about those ‘in-between’ things that just happen in life.   But we need each other’s help to do that.  I have 3 favorite feelings…I know, for people who know me that sounds very girly, which would be out of character for me, but you would also know that my ‘soft skills’ tend to be my strengths as well.  They are, and strictly in this order by the way:

#1 – Laughing Out Loud – preferably with crying and snorting.

#2 – Tears of Happiness – not the same as LOL.  You will know it when you feel it.

#3 – Laughing through Tears – “I can’t know what you are feeling right now Malin, but your hair is holding up beautifully.”

So we have a choice when things happen to us.  I call it laugh or cry.  What I write about is stuff that most everyone can relate to…I just say what everyone is already thinking…possibly more directly than most.  But I call it as I see it and most of the time I find life incredibly, wonderfully, and painfully funny.  If you can see it from the right angle…

Aloha!  Dee


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